Berlin Elementary School

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Berlin Elementary School


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Berlin Elementary School is currently home to 196 students in preschool through sixth grade. With an average class size of between 13 and 23 students in each of 8 multi-age classrooms (plus two kindergarten classes and three preschool sessions), Berlin Elementary School is a great place for both academic and social learning in an individualized environment.

Centrally located near the Berlin Four Corners, our school’s 2014-2015 goals include an ongoing focus on the foundational skills of literacy and mathematics, in addition to fostering a respectful climate.

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Download this file (Kidwatch 14-15 reg form.doc)Kidwatch Registration Form 2014-2015 Lori Dutton-Renaud36 Kb
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School Health Insurance

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Attached is a PDF brochure and a 1 page flyer for parents regarding the Student Accident Insurance. 

Parents can enroll online by the use of a dedicated secure enrollment website or by calling 877-444-5014 The website address is .  On this website, parents will be able to:

•             View all of the coverage and premium options

•             Review a Frequently Asked Questions section

•             Purchase the insurance using a credit/debit card and receive an instant and printable confirmation of what they purchased

This electronic enrollment is a win-win-win situation.  It allows the parents to purchase the coverage on a real time basis, it allows the school district to reduce its involvement in the enrollment process, and it enables Markel Insurance Company to more efficiently administer the program.

The key to the success of this electronic enrollment is that the parents of your school district be made aware of the website.  Student Accident insurance is becoming more and more important to families due to lack of other insurance for their children or having major medical plans with ever increasing deductibles & co-insurance requirements.  Our Student Accident insurance program helps families cope with these issues in a very cost effective manner. 

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Download this file (K12 flyer 2014.pdf)K12 flyer 2014.pdf Lori Dutton-Renaud12 Kb
Download this file (Student accident Ins  2014-2015.pdf)Student accident Ins 2014-2015.pdf Lori Dutton-Renaud110 Kb

Immunization Program

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The immunization Program will once again place all 2013-2014 school immunization rates on the HealthDepartment webpage

for easy review and comparison.  We encourage you to provide a link to this data on your school website: 


Family School Compact

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Family-School Compact

Berlin Elementary School

January 2014 Version

The School Will ...

Communicate regularly with families and be responsive to communication from families.


Report student progress in a family-friendly, understandable way.


Work to address the basic needs of students (social and emotional safety, security, sense of belonging, sense of community, health, food, etc.)


Partner with community members, groups, and agencies to provide students and families with all possible resources.


Provide safe transportation.


Provide the tools and environment to learn.


Provide highly trained staff and remain current with best practices in all areas, including the arts, physical education, etc.


Value experiences for students that expand their being (i.e the arts).


Value technology as a teaching and learning tool.


Provide opportunities for families to engage in school and do strong outreach.


Model expectations, professionalism, and remember that we are role models.


Remember that the social curriculum is as important as the academic curriculum.


Provide opportunities for relevant, engaging learning.


Maintain high, individualized, expectations for all students.


Ensure quality core academic learning.


Provide a consistent and comfortable environment and follow our professional responsibilities to keep children safe.

Students Will ...

Take your time.


Do your best.


Have a good attitude.


Be prepared.


Take care of your body (sleep, brush your teeth, have breakfast, dress appropriately)


Be safe.


Be respectful.


Be ready.


Listen to the teacher.


Follow directions.


Be responsible.


Do your homework.


Take care of tools and



Use appropriate language.


Use tools and materials appropriately.


Include everyone.



Use CARES (Cooperation, Assertion, Responsibility, Empathy and Self-Control.)


Walk in halls.


Be on time every day.


Feel comfortable seeking out help for self and others.


Try new things, take healthy risks, and recognize the learning that results.


Take initiative and be a problem-solver.

Families Will ...


Attend conferences, meetings, and request additional meetings when desired.


Sign assignment books and other correspondence as applicable.


Ensure that children arrive at school on time.


Take responsibility for children’s daily needs and routines.


Provide a time and place for homework and daily reading.


Promote positive use of children’s extracurricular time.


Model lifelong learning.


Encourage and model healthy choices and habits.


Model and encourage respect for others and the environment, and encourage good manners.


Actively participate in your child's school experience by attending school events, visiting, volunteering, etc.



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NUT-AWARENESS                                                                   Lynne Jakubauskas, RN, NCSN

At the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year, BES will become a Nut-Aware School. 


What is a Nut-Aware School?  No nuts of any kind will be allowed to be brought into or eaten at BES.  This includes: no peanuts; no almonds; no Brazil nuts; no cashews; no chestnuts; no filberts; no hazelnuts; no hickory nuts; no macadamia nuts; no pecans; no pine nuts; no pistachios; and no walnuts.  Foods containing nuts will also not be allowed.  See the attached list of foods to avoid. 

Why are we becoming a Nut-Aware School? 

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